The love and support of our Mother, Pastor Mary and our Father, Apostle Joy made it possible for the Teens to meet on Saturday 22 January at the Tiyani Resort and Conference Centre in Kwekwe. This outing was a first of its kind for the Teen Impact, which is a wing of the Youth Assembly that focuses more on teenagers, teaching them the word of God, how to serve and how to excel in their academics. One exciting moment for the Teens was to meet each other in person away from the church or online environments and getting to know each other through introductions. Pastor Mary graced the event and the Teens received a relevant and uplifting teaching. It was at this outing that The Teens slogan was also introduced, ‘Daring to be Different’ which gave the Teens leverage to embrace who they are in New Creation Life Ministries. Youth Pastor, Pastor Rodney also travelled to join the Teens and to share great ideas of teamwork.

A teen who refused to be named was in a jovial mood and said, “I was stuck indoors during lockdowns and I really missed my friends from Church. I am happy because we have met and I have made new friends. I loved the teaching on team work and I am sure this team of ours is a winning team and I expect to win in many things especially at school where I have not been doing so well.”
The teens greatly appreciate the love and endless support of our father and mother who have been the greatest partners. Gratitude extends to the Lord Almighty for guiding the event, we look forward to more adventurous outings for the Teens.