On Sunday the 20th of February 2022 all roads led to King Solomon Hotel, Kwekwe, Zimbabwe for what had been coined the “Slaying Sunday Service”. New Creation Life Ministries church t-shirts and jeans were the outfit order of the day. This service also doubled as a question and answer session where the visionary, Apostle Joy Museba shared his vision and his heart to his congregants. Representatives from various corners of Zimbabwe namely Kwekwe, Gweru, Harare and Bulawayo were all gathered.

Everyone was beautifully adorned in their church regalia. The magnificent venue was exquisitely set up to hold the hundreds that had attended. The ambience was that of explosive excitement combined with eager expectations to hear the heart of the man of God.

The very first question that was asked was a recall on what had been taught the previous week by our esteemed guest. Apostle Joy exhaustively answered all the questions.

Apostle Joy articulately taught on how when God gives you a desire, He will give you the ability that comes along with the desire. He further expounded that when you have love and desire to please the man of God there is a release of revelation and ability for you. A lot of attention was also given to some departments as they were instructed on how to function so that they serve to the best of their capabilities.

Apostle Joy also spoke on ways of giving and how to give. It was a practical question and answer sermon. People immediately heeded to the word and began to respond in different ways. “I learnt that in every department there should be people with resources, capacity, passion, exposure and life experience,” said Mrs Maravanyika from Mbizo Adults Assembly Kwekwe.

“The service was life transforming!” Commented Mrs Vhiriri from Gweru Assembly.” I learnt that when you desire something, God gives you a revelation and the capacity to fulfil that desire. When a desire is birthed, the realm of that desire is released,” she continued.

The service was indeed a blessing. It was like a compass directing people in the way they should serve and give in order to reap good rewards. The happiness and relief on people’s faces as they left the auditorium was a true indication that needed no other confirmation that their lives were touched, revived and renewed.