Many women do noble things but you surpass them all – Prov 31 vs 29

To mentor women and capacitate them to be the best that God intended them to be is what Women of Excellence (WOE) stands for.

WOE is NCLs’ women’s ministry and it is all for building up not just the spiritual life of a woman but the physical, mental and financial aspect as well. Under the guidance of Pastor Mary, women are taught through different workshops which range from being taught on beauty treatments to power packed teachings that inspire them to totally achieve greatness and find wholeness in Christ. Many women have also risen up through this ministry to take up power business positions as they know that through Christ they can do anything, not just in business but at home.

Women of excellence have been taught to live by the mantra “building Gods’ house and my house in excellence” and whatever a woman of excellence does she strives for finesse.